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No to Yeo

John Redwood bitchslaps Tim Yeo and explains "Why personal carbon accounts will not work". Of course he is too much of a gentleman to take Yeo outside and give him a good kicking as to why the idea is repugnant and contrary to everything a Conservative should stand for. Firstly they would be a gross intrusion into the privacy and freedom of choice of individuals, and secondly they are a tax on prosperity, aspiration and achievement. A tax designed to keep the uppity workers in their place, a very socialist desire to ensure they stay working at t'mill, paying their union dues and not dare hope for anything better. But then that is the whole point of the green movement...

And of course as a mere aside that it is all a giant scam...


If we still had a real Tory Party, Yeo would hanging from a gibbet outside Party HQ for even thinking this nonsense, let alone publishing it.

Yeo is a pillock and has seemed to take to green issues with a vengeance.

Yeo is a coward and fears that his Old Etonian background may harm him. Wrapping himself up in green sacking is his equivalent of grabbing a small child to shield oneself from a hail of bullets. He's an arse and obviously completely barking and ignorant. Even he ought to know that the government can't control an IT project larger than a home computer so how he thinks it could ever keep tabs on billions of transactions. Everything we do has a potential impact in terms of carbon. So, how would he tax, say, someone using the local library for warmth or taking a bath in a hotel? The so-called rich could simply side-step their carbon ration by staying in hotels or getting a few immigrants to live under their roof for the purpose of using their carbon rations. How would this help anyone? Does anyone know what the carbon footprint of a a stout oak gibbet and length of hempen rope is? I think we should be told. I'll sacrifice my carbon ration for one.

How many of these idiots can there be in the "not the conservative party"? It comes from the top down apparently, or it is catching. I am sick and tired of these prats going on about "green", if they think that puny man can save the earth it is time to send for the men in the white coats. Change the name of the HoC to the lunatic assylum.

Ah, screaming vegetables. Remember one of their biggies, banning aerosols and Freon to "heal" the Ozone Hole? Well, it seems that the "healing" is proceeding, but the result will warm Antarctica. Bring back cheap air conditioning and hair spray, save the penguins!

Meanwhile in Australia, the guy who proposed a massive government scheme t put sulfur into the atmosphere to cool us down is calling for another massive pogrom - er, program - to further clean up coal. Uh, isn't the problem with "dirty" coal that it puts sulfur into the atmosphere?

Rationing of carbon and by extension energy and the very basis of modern existence for all except hermits and the homeless.

Surely it can be no surprise that this is an idea that absolutely resonates with the political class and the bureaucracy. Complete control of the masses at the flick of a switch.

Imagine - for just one minute - that if the enviro-nazis decided that participation in a 'seditious' blog like this constituted 'innappropriate' energy consumption and applied a penalty to the carbon ration of the UK participants ? Once a few examples are made to suffer for want of heat, transport and arguably food, the rest of the Rebels will think real hard before making a stand on principle, won't they ?

Stalin must be sitting in some 7th pit of Hell wishing they'ld had smart cards in his day.

And remember - this is 'climate justice' in action.

So glad to see my British cousins are still ready to give the two finger salute to every Nanny State salesman that happens by! I really think that men's neckties should be banned. It's very obvious that the lack of oxygen over the years has done serious damage to all the politicians and bureaucrats that wear them as a part of their uniform.

We're sufferning the same lunacy here in America. Heck, we're the ones who spawned The Goracle, much to our chagrin. God save us all.

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