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Raiding the rainy day fund

Olympic Games £2.2 bn fund may be raided - Telegraph

Ministers are preparing to raid an "untouchable" £2.2 billion emergency fund set aside for last-minute costs of the 2012 Olympic Games.

A large slice of the official contingency fund that Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister, has said would remain "locked away" for the next few years, may have to be used to ensure that the Olympic village is built as planned....

The fund originally contained £2.7 billion, but £500 million has already been allocated. The aim was that the remainder be used for last-minute problems, if at all.

Boris - tell them to scrap it! Or at least get the auditors in now and expose the financial profligacy of this nuLabour farce



Aye, that'll be right.

A few weeks ago there was a piece in the Yorkshire Post about the last London Olympics. Run on a shoestring budget not long after the Empire had saved the world, yet it turned a profit.

How the Austerity Olympics struck gold for London

Housing athletes in closed schools as they did then might get some children interested in being the next Daley Thompson.

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