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Not a real University bans university tradition for Health and Safety

BBC NEWS | England | Graduates asked not to toss hats

A university has asked students to refrain from throwing their mortar board hats in the air to celebrate graduation in case someone gets hurt.

Anglia Ruskin University formerly Anglia Polytechnic... that explains it....


Note that the article refers to "graduands" – a rather obscure term that refers to graduates just before they actually graduate. I presume, therefore, that the new graduates (i.e. after the ceremony) are allowed to throw their squares into the air.

(I'm glad we have that settled.)

One wonders how this squares, if at all, with the Dambuster Spirit.

Think Guy Gibson would have refrained from tossing his titfer skywards?

I doubt it.

there seem to be enough tossers there without the new graduates joining in.....

They should all wear hard hats and safety glasses at the ceremony.

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