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The Englishman gets a drubbing from the Texan Fashion Police

Mrs. du Toit - Fashion Police

Wearing 30 year old style suits doesn’t make any sense either. Dressing like a slob or without any style at all is disrespectful (for yourself and others). If you are older than 25, wearing your hair in the style you wore it in High School makes about as much sense as it did then, ie, none.

One of the signs of mental health (and intelligence) is paying attention to what is going on around you, and keeping up (in every meaning of that).

I'm pleading guilty, as do most landowners in England. Dammit woman, clothes have a natural progression, from being best, to "at home" wear, then for gardening and finally passed onto the pigman. New clothes aren't bought in response to any vagaries of fashion but just inserted at the top of the cycle as needed. Which in the case of suits and overcoats isn't often. Go to a country funeral and you will find many dressed as I was last week; in my Dad's suit (he died fifteen years ago and lord knows when he bought it), his white shirt and black tie - they never wear out and Great Uncle Percy's overcoat. He bought quality and it has lasted - here's him carrying it on 22nd August 1922.


And as for haircuts, of course we wear the same style we were given at prep school. I have no idea how to order a different one, I don't even know what I'm choosing when they offer a square or taper cut. And frankly I'm suspicious of those who do.

(The old boy in the wheel chair is Henry Adelbert Wellington FitzRoy Somerset, 9th Duke of Beaufort)


Here, Here!! You put it very well, the 'filter down' system works extremely well, although I must say I have had some odd looks when found gardening in my nearly defunct tuxedo!! Isn't this what 'recycling' is all about?

I am (well) over 25 and I would dearly love to wear the hairstyle I wore in "High School" (aka Comprehensive) - sadly nature had other ideas!!

I am (well) over 25 and I would dearly love to wear the hairstyle I wore in "High School" (aka Comprehensive) - sadly nature had other ideas!!

It seems that Inland Revenue share the view that quality clothing styles never change or become unusable.

Around 30 years ago, my Father - a QC - had a contretemps with said agency, who were arguing that his wing-collars and collar-detached shirts (required for his court appearance) could not be argued as being "work-related clothing", as they could be used in other situations. He demanded to know how may people they came across on a routine basis who wore wing-collars while gardening... :)

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