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Afghan training

Culture shocks in killing fields as Scots train an army of Allah - Scotsman.com News

SERGEANT Major David Gibb ..is leading a handful of British soldiers training Afghanistan's army...

The Afghans have known fighting for most of their lives, but they are reluctant to change their haphazard ways. "It can be frustrating," Sgt Major Gibb admitted. "They've just got a different way of doing things."

Captain Mohammed Khalid, a 30-year veteran, carries his Kalashnikov casually balanced over one shoulder, like a farmer might carry a spade.

He has refused to break his patrols into three columns, something the British do for increased protection, and his troops rarely wear body armour.

"You ask them why they're not wearing it, and it's like, 'God will protect me',"

At patrol base Barakzai, the Afghan soldiers grow cannabis in makeshift flower pots made out of the giant wire and canvas sandbags, designed to protect them from rocket attacks. A lieutenant had to be removed last month because he was constantly high.

When they do come under fire, they invariably reply with a barrage of loosely aimed automatic fire, a tactic known as "spray and pray".

....AT THE Afghan headquarters, close to Britain's Camp Bastion, soldiers from the Royal Irish battle group are trying to wean the Afghans off their beloved AK47s and train them to use US M16s.

The M16s are more accurate over longer distances, but they need far more maintenance, they carry none of the Kalashnikov's kudos, and, crucially for an Afghan soldier, you can't empty a magazine in one burst.

"The M16 is not as good," said one Afghan private. "It only fires three bullets at a time."

The reason they carry their Kalashnikovs "like a farmer might carry a spade" is because they are an everyday tool for them, I wonder why we are trying to wean them off them as they are more suitable and also of the wisdom of teaching the Afghan how to shoot straight....


the wisdom of teaching the Afghan how to shoot straight....

Next some bright spark will suggest teaching them how to fly airliners

I don't know if the weaning off of AK-47's in Afghanistan is related or not, but the US is forcing the Iraqi army to move to M-16's. This appears to be related to "Abscam Jack" Murtha's (powerful Democrat member of US House of Representatives) close personal ties to the CEO of Colt.

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