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Global Warming puts natives at risk

Native wildlife overwhelmed by invaders - Telegraph

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs outlined plans for a "rapid response" to control the invasive species.
Hundreds of native British animals and plants are being put at risk from an invasion of foreign species that thrive here because of rising global temperatures, the Government said yesterday.

Rapid response, eh? Good job global temperatures haven't risen for ten years, looks like they are on the ball - especially as they seem to be concentrating on grey squirrels, introduced "in the 19th century"; mink - introduced for fur farming - that dates it- and Japanese knotweed which Defra says was brought to Britain as an ornamental garden plant in the mid-nineteenth century.

But if you do spot a suspicious foreigner the government wants to hear from you:

The scheme includes an online directory of where the foreign plants and animals can be found and how they spread.

There are more than 3,000 foreign species flourishing in Britain and 66 per cent are plants

I remember reading about these plants, or deep cover agents as they are also known. Root'em out and turn them in to the police!


"introduced for fur farming".... introduced to farms for fur farming, introduced to the wild by bloody bunny-hugging do-gooders.
The types that will attack a woman for wearing animal skin but not a gang of hairy-arsed bikers for the same 'crime'

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