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Dim Prawnarolo bansturbation

Coloured cigarette packets to be banned - Telegraph

Distinctive packaging for cigarettes may be replaced by plain black and white lettering under Government plans to reduce smoking, it has been announced.

A red packet of Marlboro or a gold Benson and Hedges wrapping could become a thing of the past after research showed children easily identify brands and link smoking to being "cool".

The new consultation, launched to mark World Tobacco Day, also includes banning the advertising of cigarette papers and other smoking "paraphernalia".

Dawn Primarolo, the public health minister, said: "Protecting children from smoking is a government priority and taking away temptation is one way to do this.

"If banning brightly coloured packets...helps save lives, then that is what we should do."

Treat the whole populace as kiddies who can't resist bright shiny things, condescending cow!


So Ethel Snodgrass, in the supermarket kiosk, will no longer be able to locate your brand on the shelves, despite your cheers of encouragement. "Next shelf up Ethel, the blue ones, no, the dark blue dear..."

In the meantime, the children will capitalize on Ethel's confusion by stealing another 200 pack of superkings while her back is turned. I know what to do though. Instead of buying my cigarettes from the supermarket, I'll buy them off the kids.

This would be laughable if it were not reality.
What I want to know is the next step after the (hated) cigarette?
Beer? Crisps?
Eventually anything disliked by these shits will come in blue and white striped packaging similar to Tesco's own brand.
Then what? A full-on ban fest to make everything in our lives colourless and homogenous?

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