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Rubbish Cover Up

Government cover-up over axed bin collections - Telegraph

Ministers tried to cover up a Government-funded report which linked fortnightly rubbish collections with an increased health risk from rats, flies and seagulls, The Sunday Telegraph has established.

The report found that ending weekly collections would "significantly alter the pest infestation rates and hence the disease transmission at source", while vermin and insects could be "encouraged into the home environment".

However, the Government kept the £27,000 study, by the Central Science Laboratory, under wraps and ministers were only forced to release it when the Conservatives tabled a series of parliamentary questions.

In June 2007, Ben Bradshaw, then an environment minister, claimed there was "no evidence in published studies" to indicate a link between cutting collections and increased risks to health.

Do you see what he did there? He didn't publish the report so there was no "published study". Benny Boy wasn't lying you see but you might think he was misleading Parliament...


It hasn't even been hot and already we've had maggots in one of our wheelie bins. Luckily there was a fair bit of water in the bottom and the little buggers drowned. Makes you wonder how they got in there though, the lids are always down.

But do't you understand, they need the moey and man-hours saved bu halving bin collections so they can afford to take stuff from all those closed hospitals and clinics to the tip!


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