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Scottish Raj out of touch and favour with English voters

Brown urged to get rid of 'Scots Mafia' - Scotsman.com News

LABOUR figures have called on Gordon Brown to purge the "Scots Mafia" around him in an effort to curry favour with voters south of the border.
The Prime Minister is being urged to give key jobs to ministers seen as able to reach out to Middle England amid concern that the party will face a landslide general election defeat at the hands of David Cameron's Conservatives.
MPs believe that ministers from south of the border will be better able to appeal to middle-class voters in marginal seats across England.


I notice in the comments section of this article the hairy ranters are making laughable accusations of racism. The labour party have used anti English propaganda in scotland for years to drive the tories(English party) out of scotland and Wales. Notice the tory toff (anti English) campaign in Crewe was run by a scotsman. The jocks cannot be this strong independent people whilst England exists next door. They have abused our easy going attitude
and thought we were a push over.The sooner we are rid of them the better.

I suspect that if Gordon Brown wasn't such a horrendous failure, middle England wouldn't care less about the fact that Gordon Brown's "mafia" come from north of Hadrian's wall. And given the degee and substance of Labour's problems, I doubt that replacing the "mafia" with anyone of the same bent as Brownie will save Labour's skin come the next election.


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