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And the weather forecast is

Prepare for hot June but a rainy summer - Telegraph

Meteorologists predict that this month there will be temperatures that could, on occasions, beat the Mediterranean average for June of 80F or 26C.
This will be especially true for the North, which is expected to enjoy a month of warm weather. Southerners will have to dodge the occasional thunderstorm.
However, July and August will be cooler and wetter for everyone.

A Met Office spokesman said June would be "as good as it's going to get and we're not expecting it to get any hotter"....

Met Office: Summer 2008 forecast
There is a slightly enhanced chance of more frequent cloudy and cool spells compared to recent summers prior to 2007. Nevertheless, mean temperatures are more likely to be above the 1971-2000 average.
Our forecasting methods continue to suggest that rainfall for the summer as a whole is more likely to be either near, or above average.

I think provide it doesn't snow they will be able to claim they got it right. Tricky thing forecasting the weather for this month - so much easier to forecast the climate in ten years time.....


Almost makes you want to shed a tear (but on second thoughts perhaps not) for the long-suffering global warmers. It must be very hard work to keep believing. But I suppose it's the nature of religions to thrive on adversity.

BTW it's bloody cold and damp down here in southern France. 17° was the best on June 1 - March is usually warmer than that.

These'll be the same tossers who told us last summer was going to be the hottest and driest anyone could remember.

Just in case you forgot (which is probably what they're counting on), after a lovely April there basically wasn't a summer in 2007 - wet, dull, cool, and breezy all the way.

They know nothing.

ALL the maths behind Global Warming has now been shown to be full of holes, and in many cases comprehensively disproven. See http://climateaudit.org/

What has been left behind is a legacy of lies and political interference with science which has produced cynicism amongst the public, and made it impossible for any decent scientist to do decent science.

What has been shameful and appalling is the extent to which the scientific establishment - Nature, the Royal Society and other august organisations sacrificed their independence and objectivity in a bid to appear 'modern' - presumably under teh influence of the 'spin-doctors'. Worse will come of this sacrifice of principle!

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