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Stiff Upper Lip - that's the way.

Stiff upper lip best way to deal with shock - Telegraph

Britain's traditional stiff upper lip may be a better strategy for dealing with shock than letting your feelings spill out, a new study claims.

The popular assumption is that talking about a terrifying experience, such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster, can be therapeutic and helpful.

But new evidence suggests "getting it off your chest" may not be the right thing to do....dividuals who bottled up their feelings ended up better off. They suffered fewer negative mental and physical health symptoms than people who were willing to talk.

The results have important implications for expectations about how people should react to collective trauma that affects a whole community or nation, said the researchers.

It also called into question the pleas made to people caught up in shocking events to come forward and "open up".

Thank God for that, especially if it means they stop doing it on television so we can "share the pain". Though I suppose there will be Stress Experts all over the airwaves this morning earning a crust by sharing the pain of being found out that they are just bloody nuisances.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Will the Stress Experts get counselling? Will it be of any use?

What a load of rubbish. Pushing problems down into your subconscious merely stores them up for later.

Letter from a Tory is scared of his own subconscious 'tardis' (there be dragons... may scratch and bite later on maybe?) hehehe, how quaint. Mind your own shadow don't bite ya!

Of course a stiff upper lip is the way -- there is no point in crying over spillt milk and people who live in the here and now get more stuff than than those get hysterical about things they cannot change and talk themselves into massive guilt trip by reliving the trauma for supposed 'therapeutic reasons'. Intoxication by self-pity is addictive.

Don't worry, counselling is still recommended for some...

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