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I have an idea how to cut waste

Residents protest over 」120 bin 'tax' - Telegraph

Residents moving into new homes in South Cambridgeshire are told they have to pay for one green recycling bin and one black rubbish bin, which cost 」60 each.

Some people felt the price was too high and bought cheaper bins on the internet from a firm in Germany.

However, when the council learned of the purchases, the residents were told the German bins would not be emptied. One of the residents has reported the council to the European Commission for blocking trade...

Sue Ellington, who is in charge of environmental services, said the charge was to recoup some of the cost of supplying bins to new homes, which amounts to between £40 and £60 per bin.

She said: "It's not a stealth tax. We're trying to get people to cut waste.

"Controlling the supply of bins helps do that."

No, it just encourages fly tipping - councils were given the responsibility to collect rubbish because of public health, not to make money, not to impose a green ideology but to ensure as a public good that waste was dealt with correctly.


"Controlling the supply of bins helps do that."

Bins are of course a controlled supply class B object.

And I love the implied logic that waste won't exist if there only is no bin to put it in.

So, if people buy bins elsewhere thus lowering the need for Council to buy and supply bins, the cost of supplying bins goes up? Well, I suppose so, if Council no longer qualifies for bulk discounts.

But buying from Germany, and incurring shipping (and VAT?), is less money than buying from Council - may we be forgiven for thinking that Council neglected to do a search (Froogle.com?) and is making a profit?

And yes, using Council bins lessens the amount of waste disposed of. Follows from waste in non-Concil bins being left kerbside to rot, so less is picked up, i.e. less waste. Quite logical.

Pay no attention to the mountains of bottles, cans, paper, and certainly not to the mounds of rotting veggie/meat with accompanying hordes of vermin and olfactory assaults. Besides, people whose rubbish is not collected can be fined for not having it picked up. All to the good, yes?


I shop for many things on the continent and save money even with their VAT being a tad higher and after posting costs(about 14 quid for a 30kg parcel). This is not a greed issue of UK shops that charge too much, but it happening because the government taxes too much, and the cost has to be passed on, or the business will go bust because it's not profitable.

So I doubt that the council was making a profit here, it's just an other side-effect of the tax-to-death strategy Mr. Darling is overseeing. If the general tax after totting up all the stealth and whatnotother taxes on things is 40% then everything has to be 40% more expensive that it normally would be, by definition.

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