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Swill makes sense

EU food chief: Lift BSE ban to cut grain prices - Times Online

The EU ban on the use of animal remains to feed pigs and chickens should be lifted so that grain can be diverted to millions of starving people, one of Europe’s top food safety advisers has told The Times.

Patrick Wall, chairman of the European Food Safety Authority, questioned whether it was “morally or ethically correct” to feed grain to animals in the midst of a global food crisis.

He said that there was no scientific reason to maintain the ban.

Of course appealing to the EU on moral or scientific grounds is pointless, but showing that it might lower prices might do it. The swill feeders of the UK used to dispose of 1.7 million tons a year of biodegradable material in the most natural way possible, now it is dumped in landfill to the delight of vermin.


Given the dodgy practices that abound in industrial farming, it's probably best to forgo the 'saving', especially now that Pigs and Chicken carry MRSA and are stuffed to the brim with antibiotics.

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