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Oih! You looking at my bird?


The hens have arrived - another step towards self-sufficiency and away from giving half I earn to the bastards and then more when I spend what is left....


Ha! Three posh POL chuckies there I think. Bog standard Rhode Island Red x Sussex always did for me.

Now, given that each may lay for 9 days, take 2.5 days off and start again, I'd guess 23 eggs a month each, total say 70 eggs a month. Taking up cake-making? Brioche?

I used to end up giving mine away to the neighbours - there's only so many eggs a man may eat.

Add some bunnies to this for tasty healthy meat -- a couple of Californian does and one New Zealand Buck will produce over 60kg of healthy meat a year, and they are as easy to keep as chickens, in fact the chooks will love their droppings, if you don't save them for the garden as fertiliser. Don't let the buck in with the chooks tho, it'll corrupt him :-D

How to keep meat bunnies: http://www.rudolphsrabbitranch.com/rrr.htm

I'm gonna take a wild guess that Tim might have another source of bunny meat which doesn't involve having pet bunnies.

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