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O'bama - The Apprentice Boy

Obama's Irish roots found to be Protestant - Telegraph

As the descendant of an Irish Protestant family, Mr Obama should not rely on the sort of support automatically enjoyed by Mr Kennedy, whose presidency marked the political arrival of Irish American Catholics.

So not like the bogtrotting Kennedys then, I hope he sings The Sash as he celebrates, it's his heritage after all.


I guess we'll find out on King Billy Day if we hear about the arrest by Kennebunkport Police of a black man wearing a bowler hat caught banging a big drum on the Kennedy's front lawn

Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys at the Moneygall FOR Obama Nomination Celebration Gig this week!

Canon Stephen Neill provided the vital records to the Obam Moneygall Link

Henry Healy is a cousin of Obama

And Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys are Donncha Corrigan , Ger Corrigan , Brian Corrigan- who have a massive international youtube hit with their song “ Theres no one as Iirsh as Barack O’Bama@

pictured from left to right are:

Henry Healy, Donncha Corrigan , Ger Corrigan , Brian Corrigan , Ger Hogan And Canon Stephen Neill

Barack is Irish here is the proof

From Ger Corrigan 0035361330994 (Hardy Drew)

Irish Band have youtube hit with song celebrating his Irish Roots- IRIsh Band Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys have an Internet Hit on their Hands with their song celebrating Barack O'Bamas Irish Ancestry. The Song "There's no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama has almost 17000 Youtube hits in the past number of weeks. The Limerick band consisting of three brothers , Ger, Brian and Donncha Corrigan have came up with the song after reading about Canon Stephen Neills' discovery of Baracks Moneygall born relative Falmouth Kearney.

The song celebrates Mr O'Bama with lines such as "He's as Irish as Bacon and Cabbage and Stew, He's Hawaiian, He's Kenyan, American too, If he successds and he has a chance, I'm sure our Barack will do Riverdance". The chorus goes , "Toor a loo, Toor a loo, Toor a loo, Torr a Lama, There's no one as Irish as Barack O' Bama".

The songs video was played on the MSNBC Political Show Hardball hosted by Chris Matthews in the USA last week. Hardball has millions of viewers and the song was inserted in a section called Sideshow with clips from David Letterman and other broadcasting legends.

The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Kansas City Star have all featured atricles on the Song.

A number of US record companies are in discussions with the band about a US release in advance of te Election,

The youtube link


Some of the Coverage





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