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Global Warming Causes Fewer Puffins

Puffins suffer as warming sea hits food supply for nesting isle - Scotsman.com News

PUFFIN numbers on one of Scotland's strongholds have dropped by 30 per cent in five years.
It is believed Scotland's most popular seabird could be suffering because of a lack of food supply caused by warming seas as a result of climate change...
Five years ago there were 69,000 pairs of puffins on the Isle of May but now numbers have dropped to just 41,000 pairs.

Strangely they don't seem to reveal or link to "the rising sea temperature" over these last five years - see if you can find it at UK Marine Waters 2004 - Marine Processes and Climate: Sea Temperature. I can't.


Funny how nobody seems to think overfishing thanks to the moronic eu Common Fisheries Policy might not be to blame.

Professor Mike Harris should spend a few minutes with google , it will show that puffins eat sandeels.... it will also show that thousands of tons of sandeel (i.e. billions of fish)are taken out of the food chain by industrial fishing for processing into animal food.
"Starve a puffin, buy Danish Bacon"

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