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Ben Bradshaw - intellectual ability with social class (Not)

Working classes lack intelligence to be doctors, claims academic - Telegraph

Professor Chris McManus, of University College London, said it is not surprising that most British medical students are middle-class because intellectual ability is linked to social standing...

But his comments were condemned by the Health Minister Ben Bradshaw.

"It is extraordinary to equate intellectual ability with social class," said Mr Bradshaw.

Extraordinary, but true. You wouldn't expect truth to worry a Labour Minister though would you, and as the lack of both intellectual ability and class is no barrier to becoming one their incomprehension that in the real world they are important is understandable.


Not to mention they have deliberately made the state education system so risible, that only those who can afford a private school can get a decent chance of advancement into the professions. This sinks the opportunities of any bright working class youngsters, and diverts them into dead-end jobs or the dole, thus ensuring future voters for the labour party.

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