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Salmond Lords It

Use of official car trips up 'green' Salmond - Scotsman.com News

ALEX Salmond was criticised by environmental campaigners yesterday for using his ministerial car to travel a couple of hundred yards to dinner, and back again – twice.
The First Minister summoned his ministerial car to take him from his official residence of Bute House in Edinburgh's Charlotte Square to two dinner engagements on George Street.

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But instead of signing his car off for the night, the First Minister kept it on call so he could return the short distance back to his official residence after his meals were over.

20th November and 8th January - and how do you think the poor serf kept warm as his master feasted inside? Run the engine of course!

And in other news SNP calls for drink-driving limit to be cut - Edinburgh Evening News

Quite, as they say no one needs to drink and drive, when you have a car and driver on call.....


It's a wonder they haven't created a special "Zil lane" for the fat cats and their parasitical hangers on.

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