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Another Voice For Freedom

It Is Better To Be Free

"I believe that liberty is the only genuinely valuable thing that men have invented, at least in the field of government, in a thousand years. I believe that it is better to be free than to be not free, even when the former is dangerous and the latter safe. I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air – that progress made under the shadow of the policeman's club is false progress, and of no permanent value. I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave."
(H.L. Mencken)

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Erm I've had a look at I'm not quite sure the writers is quite into liberty and freedom in the way you might think from the above. Posts about conspiracy theory stuff regarding the Bilderberg Group and WW2 (They knew about Pearl Harbour etc...) mean I won't be visiting it again.

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