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Lee Jasper not arrested....

Mayor's London audit uncovers shock - Scotsman.com News

The head of an audit panel investigating financial management at the London Development Agency (LDA) and Greater London Authority (GLA) has admitted she is "somewhat horrified" by what she has found so far.
The Forensic Audit Panel, created by London Mayor Boris Johnson after he was elected last month, has unearthed a culture in which spending was encouraged and political interference common, but where there were few checks on whether taxpayers got value for money, its head Patience Wheatcroft said.

Seven police investigations have already been launched - although two have since been dropped - and more referrals to Scotland Yard have not been ruled out, Mrs Wheatcroft said....

Asked about the organisations which the audit panel is investigating, Mrs Wheatcroft - a former journalist - said: "Quite a few of them are involved with Lee Jasper....

Nine people have been arrested during the City Hall corruption inquiry and all have been bailed. Mr Jasper was not among those arrested.

Doesn't seem to be anything on the BBC about these arrests but Gary O'Donoghue is keen to talk up Nannygate a non-story from ten years ago....


You appear very confused. There have been some arrests (but no charges) relating to newspaper allegations about the misspending of LDA grants which Jasper had some involvement with. The newspaper concerned has been at pains not to accuse Jasper of benefiting financially or of breaking any laws. The allegations were covered in great detail by many BBC journalists at the time they were made and throughout the mayoral election campaign. The subsequent arrests have also been reported. There have been no arrests arising from Patience Wheatcroft's auditing activities. Moreover, the fact that Ms Wheatcroft is apparently "horrified" by what she's found in the LDA's books does not necessarily mean that she is justified in being so. Let's see her report before making judgments about that. And the Spelman episode is a "non story" only in the eyes of those who believe there should be one set of standards for Tories and another for everyone else. You might also ask yourself why the Telegraph is so interested in it..


...or is that newspaper part of some evil BBC left-wing conspiracy too?

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