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ID Cards - MPs Fear They May Be Used

ID cards 'may be used to spy on us' - Scotsman.com News

The compulsory identity card could be used to carry out surveillance on people, MPs have warned.
Members of the Commons home affairs select committee said they were concerned that the way the authorities use sensitive data gathered in the multibillion-pound programme could "creep" to include spying.
The all-party committee also urged ministers to make plans about how to deal with the theft of personal details from the National Identity Scheme, which will build a massive database on every person over 16 in Britain.
The committee accepted ministers' assurances that surveillance was not part of current plans, ......

Shock, outrage at the very suggestion, why on earth would anyone suspect that? Why even the BBC has joined in with the news of the bleeding obvious:

BBC NEWS - ID cards 'could threaten privacy'


ministers' assurances that surveillance was not part of current plans

Even if we charitably assume the bastards aren't lying through their teeth, as ever a closer inspection of the language used reveals a great deal.

Of course it's for both ID and monitoring, you don't think they could resist that aspect? It's too hard to ignore or wish away once it's made possible - it's a bureaucrat's absolute jizziest wet dream.

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