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42 isn't the answer

MI5 has not called for 42 day detention, Jacqui Smith admits - Telegraph

``MI5, the director of public prosecutions and senior police officers think that this is an unnecessary extra power.
"The reality is that the 42-day proposal is entirely arbitrary."
Lord Goldsmith, the former Attorney General, and Lord Irvine, the former Lord Chancellor, are also against the proposals. The current Attorney General Baroness Scotland, has not launched a high-profile defence of the 42-day maximum leading to speculation she may also harbour reservations.

Can you remind me who apart from Gordon, and maybe Jacquiii, actually thinks it is a needed measure?

And the Telegraph goes on to remind us that Jacquiiiiii is going pandering...Miss Smith are (sic) to meet with Muslim MPs during which she is expected to indicate her backing for compensation payments to terror suspects held for more than 28 days who are not subsequently charged. Innocent detainees may be entitled to claim up to £3,000 for each day spent in jail.

(I think there are only four Muslim MPs - Shahid Malik, Sadiq Khan, Mohammad Sarwar and Khalid Mahmood.)


According to The Scum 65% of our population are stupid enough to think it's a good idea.

42 days * £3k/day = £126k, or about $252k American.
Hell, where do I sign up?

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