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Go Vegan, cut your carbon footprint! By starving your kids!

Parents of ill vegan girl may face police - Times Online

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl in Scotland brought up by her parents on a strict vegan diet has been admitted to hospital with a degenerative bone condition said to have left her with the spine of an 80-year-old woman.

Doctors are under pressure to report the couple to police and social workers amid concerns that her health and welfare may have been neglected in pursuit of their dietary beliefs.

The girl, who has been fed on a strict meat and dairy-free diet from birth, is said to have a severe form of rickets and to have suffered a number of fractured bones.

The condition is caused by a lack of vitamin D...

One leading nutritionist, who asked not to be named, said: “They are imposing on their children something ... this very restrictive and potentially hazardous diet... which we do not know enough about to know it is safe.”

Last year, an American vegan couple were given a life sentence for starving their six-week-old baby to death. In 2001 two vegans from west London were sentenced to three years’ community rehabilitation after they admitted starving their baby to death.

Vegans, so much kinder than carnivores....


It's neglect of the highest order and the parents be prosecuted. I don't care what beliefs, values or religion you have - you do not let children physically or mentally suffer.

See http://whatstheharm.net/ for the harm that seemingly innocuous beiefs can cause

The only thing Vegans are good for is Soylent Green.

They never learn. They claim they can get enough B complex vitamins from vegetables but they still look pale, lethargic,and stupid. Of course they may have be that way before they started the vegan diet. It turns out the B complex you get from veggies is not quite the same that you get from meat.

Clearly, a vegan diet, just as any other diet - vegetarian, carnivorous, omnivorous - needs to pursued with an understanding of human nutritional needs. There are plenty of healthy vegans who have avoided animal products all their lives, just as their are plenty of unhealthy carnivores.

This post comes across as prejudicial. To take a few isolated cases and to imply that vegans are by nature sadistic child-torturers is beyond reason. Perhaps a bit of balanced scientific discussion on the topic would be a more worthy exercise.

Well, many families brought their kids up on vegan diets. This kind of reporting does not promote a balanced discussion. How about talking to those families and getting their story. I was raised on a veg diet and the only milk I had was what I nursed from my mother. I am healthy, and strong. I thing this topic should be researched more before bashing the parents. The dieticians are repeatedly telling us grains, nuts, fruits and green vegs have enough nutrition to have a healthy body ( definetely healthier than someone who is guzzling 16 ounce steaks for dinner). Vegans do not have the heart and digestive system problems carnoavore people have. You see these big guys looking big and strong but their arteries are clogging like crazy, their blood pressure skyrocketing... Talk abou radical. Is is not radicl to cut another animal into peaces and eat it up? ( yummm, blood sausages for dinner, hooorayy!!!!)
The meat production causes so much damage on the environment and its nutritional value is up for debate when it's cooked. 100 calories from meat is gained by using 700 calories to" grow " it... So, we are willing to burn up all that energy, cart sick animals with forklifts around the slaughter house ( alive but so sick can't walk...), jail them until they get fat enough while feeding them something that clearly is not food so they get fat and big , so there is more meat ( and quickly , of course), and not to mention all the injuries the workers suffer ( after all, inhaling body parts all they cathches up with you at some point, here sniff some cow brain...). But , hey all is here so we can say:" Honey, I am home, what is for dinner?" : beef, that is what, honey"

So, instead of jumping on these people as criminals, maybe we can learn something and start a meaningful debate: Raw foods , such as nuts, veggies, dried fruits have complete proteins, fats , sugars and carbs we need. Of course, the meat and dairy industry would claim otherwise and sponsor every study that will say otherwise... So, stop destructing outrselves and honor the planet, cook less, eat less, live more( and stop costing the health care system millions of dollars every year because you like to hoard down all that animal body parts...). WAKE UP GUYS, THERE IS A GLOBAL FOOD AD HEALTH CRISIS, WAKE UP!!!!

Eating meat as part of a balanced diet is not only a natural thing for the human race (which has evolved to do so), but it does not make one a carnivore. Carnivores eat solely meat... which is an unusual proposition for humans, though by no means unheard of or uneccesarily unhealthy (look at the Eskimos). Eating meat does not neccesarily cause health problems, just as eating a vegetarian or vegan diet does not neccesasarily cause health problems. Neither of course does eating a diet including meat make a person inherently healthy, nor does eating a vegan diet make a person healthy. I eat meat, fish, milk as part of a fairly well balanced diet and I enjoy them. (Chicken, I can take or leave.) Doesn't make me a bad person. If I ate a vegan diet, that wouldn't make me a bad person either. My personal belief is that being vegan is quite unnatural. I don't like eating farmed meat due to animal welfare and other reasons, but that is a neccesary compromise I must make at the moment.

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