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Diary of a Madman

Geoff Baker's Diary Of A Madman

When Paul McCartney very publicly fired me as his PR four years ago for becoming "increasingly unstable", I had no idea that I might actually be mad.

Macca's global press release effectively made me unemployable and for a long time I wanted to nail Paul and anybody else I could blame to a tree for trashing my career.

I believed that this widely-announced instability was Paul-speak for me drinking and smoking too much, which I bitterly resented as I had always drunk and smoked too much throughout the 15 years that we worked together.

But it now turns out that Paul the Shrink was correct or at least prophetic in his diagnosis and that I am among the increasing millions who are very mentally ill.

My doctor says my problem is "severe depression". Psychologists tell me that I am also probably manic depressive, or bipolar as they call it these days, and that alcohol or marijuana or stressful events "trigger" a madness in me....

...Perhaps by standing up and admitting to it (my name is Geoff and I am mentally ill) and by being bluntly open and honest about its effects the taboo can be broken and we "weirdos" can be understood and we and our loved ones assisted in our battle to make sense of this thoroughly destructive disease.

It is then my intention to begin writing a diary of a madman to confront the demons and put this confrontation in the public domain.

Geoff is a lovely bloke, a great writer, great fun and mad as a fish - and brave as well. Good luck Geoff!


I used to think stress and depression were made up illnesses until I had both at the same time. Good luck to him, it's a tough nut to crack.

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