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Just hand over the keys to your Englishman's Home, you know you can trust the bureaucrats to look after your rights.

Five thousand coastal homes may be opened up to ramblers - Telegraph

The move is part of a plan to create a 2,500-mile coastal path around England.
Natural England has identified 4,300 private homes next to the sea and 700 estates and parks where access could be necessary.

"The scale of the blockage created by exempting such areas would be unreasonable,"
"There are already places where people have to divert inland for several miles on busy public roads. They may be denied views of the sea or any sense of following the coastline at all."

Under the Countryside Rights of Way Act, which came into force in 2001 and opened up moorland, mountains and downs, the sanctity of private land is safeguarded.

Safeguarded! They stole the private property rights over thousands of acres and claim they "safeguarded" those rights because the acres were wild and woolly not neatly manicured gardens. It was uncompensated property seizure by the state. And having got the taste for it of course they want more. And what do they say?

Natural England said rural property owners would "just have to trust them" on being fair in how it went about drawing up the coastal path.

Just "trust them" with the right to seize property at their whim and continue the century-old struggle for the cherished right to roam... against the landlords' selfish veto! I should fucking cocoa.

A fight lead by the Ramblers Association, the bastard child of the British Workers' Sports Federation (a subsidiary of the Young Communist League)


Stomping around freelance Socialists, this kind of crap is why we have the 4th Amendment (that our own activist-Socialist judges are overturning). Launch 'em off the fight-deck catapults.

See, this is why they aren't bothered about 'Mad' Bob Mugabe - they're following his policies.

I dunno 'bout dat.

What's wrong with wanting a quiet stroll along the beach without being blasted by swan shot?

Or taking a quiet yomp over t'moor without fear of having yer leg snapped in arf coz a few blokes wants to shoot a grouse or two?

Sorry fer rambl' on an' all but there's another side to the story.

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