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Tesco nanny - the uninvited guest at your BBQ

Tesco refuses to sell BBQ sauce to woman without ID - Telegraph

A Tesco store refused to sell barbecue sauce to a customer because it contained a tiny amount of alcohol and she couldn't prove her age.

Claire Birchell, 25, was told she could not buy the Jack Daniel's barbecue sauce which has an alcohol content of 2 per cent.

Staff at the store in in Flitwick, near Bedford also refused to sell the bottle to her brother-in-law, Philip Dover, 27, who did have ID, because they believed he would just give the bottle to Miss Birchell.

And even if she was only six years old and he did so when they were at home there would be nothing illegal about it. It is none of Tesco's business to be nannying us after we have paid good money and the product's ours.

In other news:

Tesco non-food sales hit by consumer downturn - Times Online The supermarket giant also admitted that discount rivals such as Asda and Aldi were “having a moment in the sun” in a trading update that sent its shares down 2.5 per cent to their lowest level for two months.


There's nothing illegal about 2%.

2% is the limit above which you need an alcohol licence.

That's why all that "shandy" we used to buy from the corner shop as kids years ago, was always 2%.

Tesco's are being arseholes.

How sad, for years the image in the US of the stereotypical drunk in England was the teenage chav stumbling down the street screaming at passerbys and his friends before collpasing in a pool of his own vomit. Now and forever more it will the housewife sprawled out in the back yard surrounded by uncooked ribs and dozens of empty Jack Daniels Barbque Sauce bottles.

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