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The Shame of our Schools

Equality has made dunces of children | - Times Online

Education, education, education? For shame, for shame, for shame. New Labour’s failure to rescue state education, let alone improve it, will be its most disgraceful legacy. The Conservatives should not crow; when in office they also failed to take on the forces destroying education.

Each week the news is full of reports of stagnating standards, more university dropouts (one in seven students, despite government “investment” of £1 billion since 2003), a shortage of teachers, particularly in maths and science, and a majority of underqualified teachers. However, two dismal stories stood out last week, both as symptom and explanation of what is wrong.

One of the three leading universities in the country, Imperial College London, announced that in 2010 it would introduce an entrance exam for applicants because it cannot rely on A-level results....

Also last week, Professor John White of the notoriously progressive Institute of Education told us that traditional lessons were too middle class. Instead, he said, schools should teach skills such as “energy saving and civic responsibility” through “theme or project-based learning”....

As these two stories demonstrate, quality has been sacrificed to the pursuit of equality. It is shameful..


Labour's stupid new Diplomas are designed to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator as well.

Why is White still a "professor". He and his ilk are the problem not the bloody solution.

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