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David Davis - My Sort of Tory

David Davis - what a stand! | John Redwood MP

I agree with everything David said about the erosion of our freedoms. He expressed the frustration many of us feel about the build up of the controlling state - the way ID cards, spy cameras, the loss of Habeas Corpus, the daily assault on our freedoms by nit picking regulation - now add up to an unacceptable loss of liberty. He spoke for me when he listed the monstrous assaults on freedom this government has mounted...

The Coffee House has more on The Passion of David Davis

Cameron needs to get back behind him and stop being upset that his precious grid has been kicked over. Stop being the smarmy politician and become a man of principle. Anti-politics is the new black - Davis instinctively knows this and is coming out of this best.


I've got to agree with you on Davis. I see the smearers and NuLabour toadies and spin merchants are out in force this evening already trying to trivialise the issues and make ad hominem attacks.

When listening to the speech on the news, my wife and I both spontaneously stood up and applauded.

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