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David Davis - The Morning After, Does It Still Seem Such A Good Idea?

Labour crows as David Davis bombshell stuns Tories - Times Online

Mad, embarrassing, just not done... the Westminster village as one is decrying David Davis - but I sense outside the bubble things are very different. I think he has struck a cord with the public, I think he has shown how out of touch the Westminster village is with the real feeling in the country - a feeling well summed up at Numberwatch


Hear, hear. And no one has much picked up on the nefarious role of the Speaker in these shabby events. He prevented Davis from delivering his resignation speech in the Commons, against convention. What a toerag!

In my household, which includes one former Labour voter, we are all for Davis - and cannot stomach the lies and stupidity put out by Labour and their media sycophants.

Just seeing Horrid Harriet now, trying to spin the Labour line - oh, I want to vomit. Role on the by-election. Let the nation speak and then let us march on Whitehall like Wat the Tyler.

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