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Why No Bansturbation Over Nipple Rings?

Body piercing boom could place burden on health service - Telegraph

The rising popularity of body piercing could "place a significant burden on health services for many years," a public health official has warned.

According research by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), one in three young people aged 16-24 have experienced medical complications as a result of having a part of their body pierced.

One per cent of all piercings have resulted in a hospital admission.

As much as a tenth of the adult population has been pierced somewhere other than their ear lobe, according to the survey.

Nipples were the most popular spot for men, who were also twice as likely as women to opt for genital piercing.

The most common complications were swelling, infection and bleeding with almost half of tongue piercings causing problems - the worst record by far.

Urgh, I have no idea why people want to put nails through their bodies, though I understand that the stud in the tongue indicates the inclination to provide extra pleasure in certain ways; and of course a Prince Albert is simply a sensible restraining strap for those who wear tight cavalry trousers, and don't wish to offend the ladies (or so his highness claimed).

And frankly if what people want to do with their own bodies, however much it revolts me, is non of my damned business. But with the health fascists clammering for bans on anything potentially harmful why do piercings get a free ride? What have they got that conker trees don't?


What with the rising cost of metals and the growth of knife crime,I am waiting for the news that one chav has killed another for his scrap value.

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