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Davis - The Libertarian Party Candidate

Davis by-election bid is just first salvo in ' freedom campaign' - Scotsman.com News

DAVID Davis's by-election campaign on the issue of 42 days will be just the first salvo in a major "freedom" campaign led by the former shadow home secretary.
Supporters of the Tory MP said they are gearing up for a relentless campaign on issues such as ID cards and the surveillance state, claiming they want to redraw the Conservatives as the party of liberty, against the authoritarian Labour Party.

Davis will set out his agenda in the coming week as he aims to link the new law allowing the police to detain suspects for 42 days without trial to his wider campaign. One ally said: "David is making it clear that the only truly libertarian party out there is the Conservative Party. That is what the Tory Party was about and should be about for the future."

Not completely convinced by his libertarian beliefs, he still is an old fashioned banner of substances man, but he is talking sweet music to my ears.


Oh man, I saw the title of your post on Libertarian Blog Place and thought it was for real! What a shame :p

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