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Rubbish News - Resistance To The New Regime Will Be Crushed In The German Way

Shut the gate on bin inspectors and risk a £5,000 fine and a criminal record - Telegraph

The fines could be levied on anybody who bars entry to their property or obstructs a town hall official, or who "fails or refuses to provide facilities or assistance or any information".

Guidance sent out by the House of Commons Library in April states that the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act and the 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act allow inspectors to enter premises. The guidance adds: "This legislation may give authorities the ability to look through people's bins to investigate an environmental offence."

Obstructing such inspections risks a criminal record and a fine "not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale" – currently £5,000.

Separate documentation uncovered by the Conservatives has established that householders can face fines of up to £1,000 if they put out rubbish at the wrong time; put waste into the wrong type of bin; leave rubbish outside a wheelie bin; fail to close the lid on the bin; or put the bin in the wrong place.

Cuts to weekly bin collections have boosted vermin to levels last seen in the Victorian era and raised serious health risks, the pest control industry has warned.

Rat, mouse, fox and cockroach numbers are reaching record levels, while bins are becoming infested with maggots as rubbish stands for longer in hot weather.

The introduction of fortnightly bin collections by hundreds of councils has seen pest control call-outs soar, while Jeyes, the manufacturer of the disinfectant used in First World War trenches, said sales had risen by 82 per cent since the change as people tried to rid their bins of maggots.

The increasing infestation rates are putting families at risk of infections such as salmonella, E-coli and hookworm, say specialists.

The head of waste programmes at the government-funded Waste Resources Action Programme, says monthly rubbish collections on the way - Telegraph

Monthly collections were "inevitable" as the rate of recycling increased, said Phillip Ward, the head of waste programmes at the government-funded Waste Resources Action Programme (Wrap)...

Mr Ward said: "People don't like change so there will be resistance. But they will get used to it and we will eventually catch up with countries like Germany."

Advisory - Used hempen rope cannot be put in the green recycling bin as it has been in contact with vermin, it should be placed in th brown bin.


Jeye's Fluid. Now there's a name to bring back memories.

My Grandfather was a great believer in the stuff. Thanks for pointing out that he probably first found it in the trenches of the Somme.

It's bound to be banned now though! Toxic to maggots = unsustainable dangerous chemical

So, collecting rubbish once a month (including 5-weekers: any given day of the week such as Saturdays will occur five times rather than four in about half of the months) is an improvement over every other week which was better than every week... Why not do Germany one in the eye and make it annual? Or bi-annual? Centennial? Millenial?

You know, "black bags" may be not only unfriendly to the environment themselves, they can be used for storing - and thus ameliorating, if not stopping, the exhalation of CO2 by - waste managers and Council members.

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