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The Blogs Called It - Westminster Village and MSM Were Out Of Touch.


politicalbetting.com » Blog Archive » ICM poll finds big H&H boost for Davis

An ICM for the Mail on Sunday taken on Friday of adults in Haltemprice and Howden, shows massive support for the area’s MP as he seeks to resign his seat and fight a by election over Gordon’s move to increase to six weeks the length of time suspects can be held without trial....

Under the heading, “Suddenly, Labour is not laughing at David Davis” the Observer’s Gaby Hinsliff writes “..What was a crisis for David Cameron is now becoming a serious headache for Gordon Brown, who must now decide whether to discipline his rebellious MP and turn him into a dangerous martyr, or ignore him and risk others joining in, turning a by-election that Brown dismissed as a farcical stunt into a cross-party uprising. Is British politics seeing the emergence of something genuinely new? Perhaps.”

There’s little doubt that the Davis move has touched a raw nerve right across the political spectrum that cannot be categorised in the normal Right-Left pigeon holes. All this is helped by Davis’s image - with his SAS background he looks like an old fashioned authoritarian Tory but isn’t.

So where is this all going to go? It’s hard to say but perhaps the biggest losers will be the “smarty-pants experts” in the so-called Westminster village - and that will be no bad thing.


I am looking forward to his 'maiden' speech.


I see Nick Robinson has already come a frightful cropper. In trying to justify his incompetent first comments against Davis he has dug himself into a huge hole.....

A lot of this must be the shock factor of seeing something as novel as a politician acting on a point of principle.

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