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BBC Hack Discovers Rightwingers Can Be Nice

Lefties hug their children less. Don't they? | Libby Purves - Times Online

I have long been puzzled by the fact that the British left-wing media house the most gratuitously spiteful, snarky columnists while weeping all over the front page about Africa, while rabidly conservative journalists often turn out to be personally kind and thoughtful.

Libby Purves worked for some years for BBC Radio 4, as a reporter and a presenter on the Today programme and, since 1983, has presented Midweek. She joined The Times as a columnist in 1990. She received an OBE in 1999 for her services to journalism and was Columnist of the Year in the same year.


Yes, the Heffers and Littlejohns, the Steyns and MadMels, the Malkins and Coulters, of this world, really do come across as kind and thoughtful, and not at all as hate-filled hysterical vipers.

When you meet them in the flesh, yes they do. That was the point.

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