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Price Control Mindset Addiction

Price rise for target drinks in booze culture crackdown - Scotsman.com News

The proposals include allowing young people to buy drink in pubs at 18, but not from supermarkets or off-licences until they are 21; imposing a 35p minimum price per unit of alcohol; and banning some promotional offers.

Kenny MacAskill, the justice secretary, said: ...that many off-sales premises were "already looking for" measures such as increasing the age to buy drink – and denied they were evidence of a "nanny state". Mr MacAskill said the social responsibility fee was a way to give licensing boards "the power to recognise that alcohol is not cost free". "It has social, economic and health costs, which should not be met by the taxpayer but by those who profit," he said.

"WORLD Health Organisation advice is absolutely clear: to bring about control of alcohol consumption we have to address the price so it is fair and balanced, address the availability and then address the service provision and enforcement of the law....Price has to be controlled carefully ...We have to do something about price. Offers like three-for-two are positively dangerous...We have a long, long way to catch up in funding, because for 25-30 years alcohol services have been neglected." - Tom Wood, former chairman of the Alcohol and Drug Action Team in Edinburgh and former Deputy Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police


How on earth are we ever going to rid ourselves of these miserable bastards?

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