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Thoughts Not Outlawed - Yet

Law: Wicked thoughts are not a crime – yet - Telegraph

You can think what you like. That was what the Director of Public Prosecutions told a conference on Monday organised by the free speech group Index on Censorship. Sir Ken Macdonald's remarks were backed up by Home Office minister Tony McNulty.

"We do not seek to outlaw thought," Mr McNulty said.

Well that is a relief, and a worry that they have to even make it clear....


Thought may not yet be outlawed, but there are some serious limitations on expressing those thoughts which rather makes freedom of thought a pretty useless right, I would suggest.

Wicked thoughts not yet a crime? Thank God for that because I think the DPP is a twat.

I think that mere humans are incapable of thinking of punishment heinous enough for Tony McFuckNumpty.

He left the '...yet' off the end of that sentence....

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