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Scotch Law - Trampling On Rights

New laws to target sex in e-mails - Scotsman.com News

In Scotland, a new statutory offence of "communicating indecently" will criminalise those who send malicious and unwanted sexually offensive e-mails and texts, as well as other verbal and written messages.

So presumably if I blog "Fuck you, Jimmy" I am guilty, oh well it was only free speech after all..

A new bill unveiled yesterday proposes a crackdown on "sex tourism", with Scottish law-enforcement agencies empowered to investigate and prosecute any adult who has intercourse with a child overseas.

So the Scottish Raj has imperialist thoughts - if an act is illegal in a country then it is illegal, but the age of consent varies from country to country. It seems they want to impose Scottish law on other countries. If for instance I went to the Faroe Islands - to pick an example at random from Wikipedia, it appears I could bugger a fishy-smelling blubber-eating 15 year old to my heart's content and all they would say is "Den, som har samleje med et barn under 15 år, straffes med fængsel indtil 6 år." But when I sailed back to Glasgow I could be arrested.

And when it becomes illegal for a 20 year old to buy a drink in Scotland, will it become illegal for young Scots to buy a drink in London?

Oh well, it was only the rule of law and recognition of national sovereignty, and who cares for that as it "is for the children".


That's me fucked then!

"Feel-good" legislation. "Good" intentions paving blocks for well-known road.

If it works, watch out. Pick a target it is difficult or even impossible to defend, pass a "small" and "unobtrusive" law about it, then keep piling on more and more legislation. See tobacco (adverts against it, then warnings on cigarette packets, then bans in government buildings, then bans in semi-private places like pubs, bans on any "public" place such as parks, then outright ban soon to come) progression.

So, "underage" sex is admittedly a bad thing. Expand prosecution to include offenses not commited in your jurisdiction. When noone objects successfully, do the same for drinking, smoking, and any other activity your own constituents mostly find objectionable.

Eventually, do away with citizens voting on any matter: have "representatives" chosen by "officials" of whatever nomenclature: ban criticism of the "representatives": call the resulting group of overlords not USSR but EU.

As to that last bit on the EU, I still do not understand how the British, with such an incredible history, can stand silently as Labour rams the EU Constitution through without any say of the people. I just don't understand that, and if anyone would care to weigh in, I'd love to hear it. At any rate, linked. http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2008/06/interesting-posts-from-around-web-19.html

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