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Such A Sad Day As Soldiers Return (from Swindon Advertiser)

HUNDREDS of people lined the streets of Wootton Bassett to pay their last respects to five dead soldiers.

Hearse after hearse, carrying coffins draped with Union flags were driven slowly through the High Street during the solemn occasion.

It is time to get serious about our soldiers - Telegraph

After 10 years of Labour neglect, Gordon Brown is making all the right noises about the parlous state of our troops, both on and off the battlefield.

However, does he mean what he says about respect for our soldiers? Really mean it? At the time that those five young paras were driven through Wiltshire in a cavalcade of hearses, should Brown have thought about a bigger, more heartfelt official gesture to mark their homecoming? George W. Bush was in Britain then.

How incredible it would have been if these two men had gone to Wootton Bassett to stand on the pavement together and bow their heads as the quintet of death swept by. It would never happen, of course.


Seeing as Gordon Brown can't even fund our military to the point where they have equipment that works, I don't think the public will ever take him seriously on the matter.

One Mastiff/Cougar would have obviated the need for five hearses. God how I hate liebour.

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