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Give Me the Child Until He Is Seven, and I Will Show You the Man

Toddlers to be taught about human rights - Telegraph

Nurseries across the country are adopting the project, which will see teachers explaining to children as young as three that people across the world live different lives but everyone has a right to food, water and shelter.

Staff will also be expected to ensure that children are treated as independent human beings, and have the "right" to choose their toys or have a drink of water whenever they want.

It is an extension of a Unicef scheme already in use in primary schools, in which pupils analyse the responsibilities of fairytale characters and sign a joint declaration with teachers of how people should be treated.

The move comes amid growing concern about the Government's "nappy curriculum", a set of 69 learning targets for under-fives...

Poor little mites aren't allowed to play anymore, it is as though Pyongyang set our education policy.


I'd hate to be a kid today. But then -- maybe kids of today don't know any better. God help us...

I'd hate to be a kid today. But then -- maybe kids of today don't know any better. God help us...

A pity the latest directive from what passes in Whitehall for an Education Department under Mr Balls is that children are not to be taught about the Holocaust - its offensive to Muslims who apperently deny it happened. Mr Balls obviously agrees that it is all a Zionist Fiction to evoke sympathy in the West.

Didn't the full quote used to be "Give me the child until he is seven and I will be quietly transferred to a distant parish by the Bishop who will ignore any complaints in order to avoid a scandal."?

my daughter is one today and already I am worrying how I can keep her out of the hands of these demented lunatics.

On what crazy planet does anyone have a right to food, water and shelter? All of those things have to be either taken from or supplied by a third party. No-one has the right to compel a third party to clothe or feed or house him.

Interesting comments, all of which ignore one central fact - never have childminders (not nursery staff but the 10s of 1000s of people who take care of the under-5s in their homes) had the responsibility of being objectively monitored on how they help their charges to learn. Yes, there are checks in place via OFSTED to ensure that the quality of the given care is either Good, Satisfactory or Outstanding but only in the last few years has the government introduced a formal system to make certain that children receive assistance in their learning journey from nought to 5 years. And, contrary to what is commonly thought, the assessments that childminders have to make is of HOW THE CHILDREN PLAY and how their play can be enhanced in order to make the best of their talents during the critical early years.

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