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£100 billion cost to do something about climate whatever.

BBC NEWS | UK | Green energy push planned for UK

The goal is to meet the EU target of 15% of energy from renewables by 2020.

But at a time of consumer anger over fuel prices, the plan concedes that green power will cost more.

The plan will also call for 3,500 new wind turbines to be erected across the UK, the Guardian newspaper reported.

The total price tag for the proposals is pegged at £100 billion...

Robin Webster, energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said the plan was a positive step. "Harnessing the UK's natural abundance of wind and wave power, and developing a comprehensive energy efficiency programme will create thriving new industries and generate thousands of jobs."

Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said the plans for solar panels on seven million roofs and other steps to reduce the use of fossil fuels make sense regardless of the price of oil or the state of the climate. "We'll create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and use less gas, and in the long run our power bills will come down. Even if climate change didn't exist these proposals would be sensible."

Frederic Bastiat dealt with this all the way back in 1850 when he published The Broken Window. Tim Worstall reminds us -

Later in the same essay Bastiat outlines something which makes him lose patience and indeed, such loss of patience was the cause of my own outburst above.

But I lose patience, I confess, when I hear this economic blunder advanced in support of such a project. "Besides, it will be a means of creating labour for the workmen."

Economists have, again, known of this error since at least 1850 and it's the error of looking at only what is seen and ignoring what is unseen. Creating new jobs to do means necessarily taking people away from the other jobs that they would have been doing without our grand new scheme. The creation of jobs is thus a cost of our scheme, not a benefit.

But enough of that; do I detect the tiniest bit of doubt about climate change creeping into Greenpeace's statement - is the fact that there has been no temperature change for the last 11 years starting to worry them? Are they moving to Plan B where we should carry on with their madcap schemes, "just because" without even trying to find a justification?


There is also a classic German folk tale, about the famous foolish behavior of the citizens of Schilda in the middle ages, I'm very reminded of these good people when I hear the latest 'magical inventions' the EU is going to champion.

Known Shilda citizens pranks:

* The Shielda citizens build a town hall: When the citizens build a pompous new City Hall building, the architect forgets to design of windows and inside the city hall is very dark. The Schilda citizens then try to catch the sunlight with buckets to carry it into the interior, but fail.

* The salty commons: To be independently of the expensive salt supplies, the Shilda citizens decide to grow the spice itself, and sprinkle salt on the commons. After a year, Nettles grow in the field. The harvest of alleged Saltplants by hand unfortunately fails.

* The old cow on the wall: Because on an old wall tall grass proliferates, some Shilda citizens want to remove the grass by letting a cow graze. To lift the cow onto the wall, some strong men climb onto the roof and pull the cow on a rope to the top. Since the rope around his neck wound, the painstakingly delivered cow arrives strangled.

and so on, I think this demonstrates the idea :-D

To paraphrase many old story tellers: there is nothing new under the sun.

The plan will also call for 3,500 new wind turbines to be erected across the UK, the Guardian newspaper reported.

May one ask Where?

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