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Gordo's Awayday to the Sand

Brown shrugs off quit claims and flies to oil talks - Scotsman.com News

GORDON Brown flew to Saudi Arabia last night in a bid to urge oil-rich nations to invest some of their trillions of dollars in profits into nuclear and renewable projects in the UK.
Brown wants them to help countries like the UK reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by sinking some of the profits into new wind farms and nuclear projects across Britain.

A conference on oil prices where Gordon will be the only foreign head of state. We will be spending 13 hours travelling so he can make a 10 minute speech - the bulk of which was released to the Sunday newspapers - which will allow Gordo to tell people he is 'doing something' about oil prices. We haven't even arrived and the Algerians have already issued the draft communique. Gordo's press briefing will apparently be before the conference has even started.

This is getting sad, he really is losing the plot, he is so impotent and unable to actually do anything he is reduced to the old trick of flying around being "busy" doing things that his advisors have deemed are safe, things he can't cock up, won't hurt anyone and are totally pointless.


Until 2 years ago we were self-sufficient in oil. What difference to the overall price of fuel will be made by a drop in global oil prices, only a small percentage of which makes up our supply?

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