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Weighing in to the Nanny State

Scots told to work on their weight - Scotsman.com News

BUSINESSES will be encouraged to monitor the weight of their employees as part of a £56m Government plan to tackle Scotland's obesity epidemic.
Workers will type in their weight every morning – using Government-provided software – allowing occupational health staff to spot significant weight gain and offer early help...

The Government's new anti-obesity strategy is being launched today by the public health minister Shona Robison.

Robison said: "Obesity is one of the problems that, like climate change, does not have a simple solution and requires a new way of thinking....

It was a fucking warning, not an instruction manual you halfwitted authoritarian pokenose; I suppose Nanny will want the state of our bowel movements every morning to be added to the national database as well.


The Government also plans to appoint a full-time official charged with liaising with Scottish food firms and encouraging them to make products healthier.
Margaret Curran "It's very surprising and disappointing that it does not include key SNP manifesto commitments on guaranteed outside activity for children in disadvantaged communities, and of course two hours' physical education for all schoolchildren."

``A`` full-time official? I suppose his staff will al be part-time, then?

"Guaranteed outside activity" - in disadvantaged areas, dear, that is a matter of course: Mum does not have a Bentley to drive the kiddies to art classes. And "two hours physical education" - which will have to be aerobics at their desks, since games and going outdoors are verboten.

All of this, including banning food from home so as to force eating of the "healthy" food provided by Nanny, has already been done in Scottish schools: the results were less than exemplary (do a search for 'Scot' at http://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/) so of course more money must be spent on a vastly expanded program.

And in other news: For the first time ever, the Scottish Association of Weighing Machine Manufacturers has made a large donation to a political party.

"Workers will type in their weight every morning – using Government-provided software..."

Ah. Think I spot a flaw in this plan...

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