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Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools - Telegraph

Thousands of primary pupils were prevented from making Father's Day cards at school for fear of embarrassing classmates who live with single mothers and lesbians.

The politically correct policy was quietly adopted at schools "in the interests of sensitivity" over the growing number of lone-parent and same-sex households.

The making of Mother's Day cards and crafts, in the run-up to Mothering Sunday, remains generally permitted.

But the Father's Day edict follows a series of other politically correct measures introduced in primary schools, including the removal of Christian references from festive greetings cards.

It's a wise child that knows its father, and these days the ever benevolent state and its agents, the teachers, prefer it to be them rather than any poor sap of a man who might be biologically related.


Now that we've got State-mandated Gay marriage here in California it's bound to happen also, especially since the communist-lead Teacher's Union has such a dominant hand in education of the little ones, making them over into happy Socialists.

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