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Teaching Parents To Eat

School note for parents who give children unhealthy pack lunches - Times Online

Parents cleaning out their child's lunchbox at the end of the school day could be in for a nasty surprise — a scolding note from teacher alongside the half-eaten sandwiches and empty crisp packets.

The School Food Trust wants teachers to send out warning letters to parents who fail to comply with school healthy-eating policies. And in advice that could be seen as patronising, the government-funded body suggests further that they send congratulatory letters to those who pack healthy lunches for their children.

No, I won't have children telling me what to eat | Mick Hume - Times Online
Once upon a time, not so long ago, parents were supposed to educate children in the ways of the world. But the Government appears to have turned that arrangement on its head. Now it is deemed the job of children to teach parents right from wrong.

A Department of Health survey reveals that a third of parents say that their children know more than them about healthy eating campaigns. This will come as little surprise to those who are aware of how sermons on eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, recycling everything and never bullying a fly have replaced religious indoctrination in our schools.

For Dawn Primandproper, the Health Minister, the survey proves that children can teach ignorant adults a lesson. “We welcome the fact that children are absorbing our five-a-day messages and can teach their parents to eat more healthily.”


It seems that Mao (broons) little red book is easier to push down the throats of kids, I readily re educate mine every night!

Are you afraid of your children yet?

Perhaps, soon, children will be encouraged to denounce their parents in true Stalinist fashion. not for 15 Roubles, but instead to receive, say, 15 free track downloads from i-Tunes...

First of all, it is a fallacy that teachers are smarter than parents. There are many parents who are smarter than teachers. Second of all, many people don't agree with the government's suggestion of a healthy diet! And nor should anyone be forced too! Any publicly recommended diet is under the influence of political pressure. And personally, there's no reason why a child can't have a little snack or sweet since he's suffering through school all day. It's overdoing it that's the problem. I am sick of the governments (from any country) thinking they're better than parents. It's getting worse and worse. I am sooo glad I homeschool my daughter. (in US)

Those things haven't replaced religious indoctrination. Those things are religious indoctrination.

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