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Cartoon Row

Tapestry row sparks new Norman conflict - Scotsman.com News

The Bayeux Tapestry, one of France's national treasures, was, historians now believe, actually made in Britain and should be repatriated.

Quite with every Greek and Aborigine wanting our marbles and shrunken heads back it is about time we asked for some of our stuff back from the light fingered Froggies


Hasn't this been known, or at least suspected, for a long time?

(Ignoring the a-historical use of "made in Britain") you would think it could be at least borrowed by England, after all the history it concerns is between us and the Normans, and is a huge watershed in English history. I can't believe the French wouldn't even lend it to us for the 900th anniversary.

Still, at least Bayeux isn't far to go.

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