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Wednesday Night is Music Night - Unsigned Edition

Geoff Baker

has three names for any London record executives who fancy getting off their A&Rse to get promoted to having their own parking space and one of those secretaries who gives you blowjobs.

Johnny Ryder – he has a song called Where's The Revolution Gone? It would be perfect as a soundtrack to some thought-itching Cameron Crowe film. Sign him.

A%20Girl%20Named%20Raye.jpgPurplemelon – we've banged on about these louche longhairs before and shall continue to do so as they are quite simply the band with the greatest potential to be the biggest English hit in the States since the export of gin. If you can't see it, you shouldn't be in the record business. Sign them.

Rachel Barror – aka A Girl Named Raye – there are three words for Rachel; hot as fuck. Other words include Irish, original, provocative, Blondie-incarnate, girl-empowering, so very different, own songs, potentially teen iconic and starring in a hair commercial near you. Sign her. Actually, sign her first because she is homeless. A PR dream.

You heard them here first.


Hi Geoff - just wanted to let you know that Raye has her own website now at http://www.agirlnamedraye.com and did you know her story appeared in the Dublin Sunday Mirror a few weeks ago?: http://www.sharenow.com/blog/post/395/

PS Do you know Steve Holley by any chance? He's an old friend of mine. :) John Wood

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