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Jacquiiii Smith - Punish the precriminals before they commit a crime

State to take action against parents who can't control their children - Times Online

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, called for a huge expansion of state intervention in family life as a way of preventing young people from problem families drifting into antisocial behaviour and crime.

Ms Smith’s enthusiasm for more early intervention in family life as a way of improving the behaviour of youngsters will revive criticism of Labour’s “nanny state” instincts. But she is unrepentant.

She said work was already under way in which agencies identify early the people and families who will end up engaging in violence. “I believe it is about identifying families in which you are going to intervene at an early stage, where you will expect certain behaviour and if that does not happen there will be sanctions.”

She said she “fundamentally disagrees” with the “nanny state” charge: “It is part of the role of government not to wait till crime has been committed but, for the good of the wider community and the families themselves, to step in earlier."

I get it now, stereotyping is good, the all wise and knowing state and its "agencies" know who is going to turn into a criminal - precriminal is a term I expect we will be hearing more of - and of course should deal with them. It is even better than the fit ups that the Government is and has rushed through Parliament to bang up people for crimes that have been committed; we can now expect laws to bang people up for crimes they might commit in the future. What a wonderful brave new world we will live in.


They already do attack people for a crime they might commit in the future. Remember the "drink/drive" law, based on the fact that you might cause an accident if you had had a drink. Many,many people have been penalised for this although they have never caused an accident. There were already laws in place to punish drunken drivers but that "nice"conservative government had to go several stages further.

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