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BACS Payment Problems 25th June

I have just been informed that all the BACS payments I set up for my business to pay on the 25th June have bounced, as far as I can see for once I have enough money in the account so I rang the bank to find out what was going on - I don't like bouncing payments, it reflects badly on me. I eventually get through a charming help operative who said "problem with the software, thousands of payments on the 25th to Lloyds accounts from Barclays were bounced. Do them again and all should be OK."

No it bloody won't be, firstly it was only by chance I discovered my payments are all now late, I'll probably get charged interest, my suppliers now think I can't pay and worst of all there is nowhere I can point them to to say - "look it wasn't me running out of cash". If there was a fault that affected thousand put a bloody apology up on the website so everyone knows what is going on.


I've been there!!!!!

If you can meet someone face to face, it's some kid who's attitude is that it's YOU that has the problem....

If it has cost you money they will compensate you for that but you will need to prove it.

Sadly they won't do goodwill or offer an apology.

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