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Salad Days

180px-St_johns_college_oxford.jpg Off in a short while to attempt to get to Oxford by train. It is back to the old college today for some agreeable drinks and a spot of lunch. Old memories will be flooding back, I'm more of a Brideshead Revisited generation Oxonian than a Morsean, so I will wander through the Quads in an effete manner remembering my wasted youth, and the other wasted youths I used to get wasted with. I wonder if any others will turn up for the reunion, and if I will remember them. All the clever bastards went to the city and made obscene amounts of money, I'm sure the college gives them extra special lunches; the ugly northeners went into politics and became Labour MPs, I hope they don't turn up, (though it would be fun to meet up again with Angela Eagle, with whom I was like the fabled little Dutch Boy before she discovered she was a Lesbian). And for the rest of them it will probable be the weekend they have access to the kids and will be ferrying them to football or Ikea, or whatever most fortysomethings do that I have never bothered with.

And then if British Rail works, back to Pewsey for a BBQ at a pub - (they don't do finger buffets in Pewsey as it confuses the polydactyl population). The only part of the cunning plan I haven't worked out is how to get back home to the bosom of my loving family at the end of the day. And how Mrs Englishman is going to to greet me...

Wish me luck...


After the eagle comment with a gun I'd imagine!

After the eagle comment with a gun I'd imagine!

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