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St Tony to Save Us

A climate solution is in reach | Tony Blair - Times Online

"The problem of climate change is almost universally understood and acknowledged. This is in itself an achievement. Now is the moment to get serious about the solution."

Is there anything more depressing to read than Oh-god-we thought-we-had-got-rid-of-him Blair making a comeback as a wannabe Al Gore (Cherie must have noticed how much money Al is trousering as a Climate Saviour) and his fatuous ideas and him pushing for more green policies. And why is "Now the moment" - is it because he didn't do them when he was in power as he knew they are election losers, or is it because after 11 years of no global warming if the socialists don't push through there anti capitalist policies now under cover of saving the world from warming it will soon be too late as increasing numbers realise the scam is up?


"America’s emissions are still growing. So are those in Japan. In Europe they are static."

The EU emissions are static? Well, for a given day, but annually? Then how is it that Kyoto accomplices (Er, signatories, sorry) have increased emissions over 20% while US is about 7%?

Oh, well. Since temps have not risen for about ten years and are not expected to rise for at least another ten (owing to factors not in the computer models, including such minor things as Sol`s output and normal shifts of major ocean currents in Atlantic and Pacific oceans... ) at least they have gone fron AGW through GW to CC (Climate Change).

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